We are a Network of ODR/ADR Practitioners in Africa

ODR AFRICA NETWORK is an academic, non-profit social platform for the Alternative dispute Resolution (ADR) and Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) community. It is a platform to get all the latest ADR/ODR related news, events, information and trainings and more.

It is a platform where ODR and ADR practitioners in Africa and the world exchange ideas and learn ways in which technology can be deployed to improve access to justice in Africa and beyond.

Why Choose ODR AFRICA?

Our Vision is for a world where technology is deployed.

We are strongly committed to excellent service delivery.

Our Mission is to provide a Dispute Resolution hub in Africa.

ODR AFRICA is one of the pioneer ODR networks in Africa, a source of information for the development and deployment of technology for the effective resolution of disputes while promoting an end goal of enabling access to justice in the African region and the diaspora.

ODR AFRICA was created as a medium to create awareness and opportunities in response to the bourgeoning acceptance and use of technology-supported systems for dispute resolution, which are taking place around the world in the private and public sectors.

ODR AFRICA members represent a broad spectrum of public and private sector professionals,practitioners involved in the resolution of disputes or conflicts, not excluding Alternative Dispute Resolution practitioners and organizations, online dispute resolution service providers and practitioners etc. ODR AFRICA’s advisory board and founding members represent over 50 years of leadership and innovation in the incorporation of technology into dispute resolution, software development amongst others.


We Are A One-Stop Community For ODR/ADR Resources.

We serve as a guide to providing insights, news, trends, resolution platforms,network of relevant Practitioners, within the Dispute/Conflict Resolution Community


Access to News,Scholarly Papers, Articles highlighting the significant improvements, developments and happenings in the Dispute Resolution Communities around the world.


Access to trainings, seminars, workshops dedicated to the introduction and development of relevant spheres of Dispute Resolution Mechanisms with emphasis on the deployment of technology.


Availability of an Online Dispute Resolution Platform for the quick and effective resolution of conflicts between Individuals, Organizations and many others.


By joining ODR AFRICA, you have unbridled access to a community or network of sound ADR/ODR practitioners and providers who bring their expertise and experiences to fore and creates amazing opportunities for change and growth of and in the community at large