Affiliations & Partnerships

Our affiliations and partnerships give us the tools to deliver unrivalled service.

The ODR AFRICA NETWORK is a part of a large community of Dispute Resolution Practitioners and Professionals and we often collaborate with a few organizations in putting together trainings, certification courses amongst others. We are also constantly working to expand our scope of partners and affiliates to further the overall goal of creating awareness on the need for effective mechanisms for the resolution of disputes in the world.

Get Your Own CREK Virtual Mediation Case Room

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CREK Supports all phases of the ODR lifecycle including Negotiation, Mediation & Adjudication. It's Workflow Engine, Private & Joint Caucus, Collaborative Editing of Awards and Settlement Agreements, Timeline, Scheduling and Notes helps arriving at Fair Resolution quickly.



ODRPlat has taken the features of Zoom, Dropbox, DocuSign and Outlook used by arbitrators and mediators added case management and integrated them into a single secure carbon neutral package.