These statements govern how we engage and what we allow in our community.

The ODR Africa Network provides collaborative community organizing and backbone support for community members. The ODR Africa movement is committed to creating a community where ODR and ADR practitioners in Africa and the world exchange ideas and learn ways in which technology can be deployed to improve access to justice. ODR AFRICA was created as a medium to create awareness and opportunities in response to the bourgeoning acceptance and use of technology-supported systems for dispute resolution, which are taking place around the world in the private and public sectors.

Community members will have unbridled access to a network of sound ADR/ODR practitioners and providers who bring their expertise and experiences to fore and amazing opportunities will be created for change and growth in the community at large. Members will also have access to trainings, seminars, workshops dedicated to the introduction and development of relevant spheres of Dispute Resolution Mechanisms with emphasis on the deployment of technology.

Finally, there will be an unlimited access to News, Scholarly Papers, and Articles highlighting the significant improvements, developments and happenings in the Dispute Resolution Communities around the world.

We offer this platform as is, and make no promises either technical or anywise, but will continue to do all within our means to ensure that the information of our users are kept safe and that we provide a conducive environment for users to engage and foster meaningful relationships. To this end, we frown at certain activities within our platform and will like to bring them to your notice.

The list of activities we frown at include:

Violence And Criminal Behaviour

We aim to prevent potential harm or losses that may be related to content on the ODR Africa Network. As a user it is your responsibility to report any suspected user that displays suspicious behaviour. Suspicious behaviour includes: the use of strong and/or abusive language, fraudulent behaviour or solicitation, incitement, harassment, promotion of ponzi schemes, relationship scams and any other behaviour you may not be comfortable with.

Objectionable Content

We do not allow the use of content that makes other users uncomfortable. Such content includes: hate speech or attacks against race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, caste, sex, gender, gender identity, and serious disease or disability. We also do not allow the use of adult, nudity and sexual content.

Integrity And Authenticity

We try as much as we can to verify our users in a bid to make this community safe. However, in the event that we have some individuals slip through the cracks, it is your responsibility as a user to report any cases of spammers, mis-representation, inauthentic behaviour, fake news, misleading content, manipulated media, bot activity and any other activity that suggests the offender's reputation or identity is questionable.

Intellectual Property

As you already know, this platform is an academic platform and hence will showcase intellectual property of other users. We respect every user's intellectual property and we expect you to do the same. You may not use the intellectual property of another user without prior consent or appropriate reference to the original owner of the content.