We are excited to announce that the International Academy of Dispute Resolution (INADR) in conjunction with ODR Africa Network will be hosting a virtual mediation tournament for law students.

The International Academy of Dispute Resolution (INADR) was the first organization of its kind to train students in mediation and have them participate in a tournament competition as mediators. The Mediation tournament has been held in over 10 countries with participants and representatives from more than 50 countries. ODR Africa Network aims is to promote access to justice through the effective deployment of technology for dispute resolution. As a result, the organization is committed to investing in the future generation of resolvers.

The tournament spans three intense days, from the 28th to the 30th of September 2023, and will be conducted virtually, ensuring broad participation from law students across the continent. By participating in the tournament, students will gain hands-on experience in the art of mediation and develop vital skills that go beyond traditional legal education. They will refine their abilities to foster communication, manage conflicts, and find creative solutions.

The event not only provides students with a unique opportunity to hone their negotiation and communication skills but also exposes them to invaluable networking and learning experiences. Participants will be judged by seasoned mediators, legal professionals, and esteemed faculty members, who will provide constructive feedback to enhance their mediation techniques.

Each Team will comprise three members.

To register as a team, click this link

To register as a volunteer, click the link