20 interactive workshops, translations in 3 languages and much more at the ODR Expo Tech holding on the 26th – 30th April 2021. For more information visit https://odrexpo.techRead More →

The Mediation 20/20 Conference was a celebration of Mediate.com’s 25th Anniversary and  conference dedicated to defining best courses for mediation’s continued growth. It was facilitated by Colin Rule and Clare Fowler. Duration: 6 hours | 6 CLE/CEU. Streaming online now at https://www.mediateuniversity.com/courses/mediation-20-20Read More →

Anticipate! Online Dispute Resolution event of the year scheduled to hold from 26th to 30 April 2021. 5 days that is guaranteed to change your views about technology for good. For more information click on the attached link https://youtu.be/qMdIh1Qi4S8Read More →

Kudos on the new Arbitrate.com and making an impact https://m.youtube.com/watch?utm_medium=email&_hsmi=115162536&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_2q2DZuGdMm2wrAWY_8Nmy7Siq9rRG7VstAhwZXXSZ9LVIzEglmKdue6yzElStJ_jS1dRynuvodkr-1YoBO-wPhAp01w&utm_content=115162536&utm_source=hs_email&v=f5AuGxzu5YA&feature=youtu.beRead More →

A group of mediators has established a non-affiliated website to promote a pledge by mediators to do all they can to ensure that their mediation practices are as carbon-neutral as possible. The World Mediators Alliance on Climate Change (WOMACC) Green Pledge can be adopted by any individual mediator. They are also asking prominent mediation bodies to support and promote the Pledge and encourage their members to sign up to it. The Pledge can be found here. The website at that link presents the pledge for individual mediators to consider signing, though they are looking for organizational supporters and sponsors as well. They’ve also asked forRead More →